smooth vs. textured breast implants.
a textured cohesive gel breast implant and a smooth cohesive gel breast implant

The difference between these implant types is intuitive - the surface of one is textured and the other is smooth. Smooth implants move freely in the pocket in which they are inserted. Their shells are thinner when compared to textured implants, and they tend to last longer than textured implants. Textured implants have a higher risk of leaking. Textured implants were originally designed to prevent a complication called capsular contracture - whether they achieve that continues to be debated. Overlying tissue will grow towards the implant and "grab" a hold of the textured surface - which is the intent of the manufacturer so the implant does not move freely in the pocket. However, sometimes the tissue and the implant will move in opposite directions and the tension can cause visible rippling on the skin surface. Rippling does not occur as often with smooth implants. Pictured here: a textured implant on the left and a smooth implant on the right.

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